25th March, 2012

Anonymous asked: I have a question about gifs. If I like one of yours (I’ve bookmarked several) and want to use one in a post without reblogging you, what is the etiquette? I figured your watermark would be enough, but how do you want me to credit you? Should I tag? I appreciate the work that goes into making things and I want to make sure you get the credit you deserve.


If you want to use it in a text post, per say, or as a reaction gif, then by all means go ahead. No tagging or credit needed for that. :3 If you really want to, maybe use #becausehiddlesgif as a tag? But I really don’t ask that you do that. Honest.

I have a problem with people who save my gifs and edits to their computers and completely repost them as new photo posts, which put them in the Tom tag or the Loki tag, and my original posts don’t get the credit for it.

(via dear tom hiddleston)


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